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Shipudei Eilat resutrant

Shipudei Eilat is an Israeli Cosher grille in Eilat.

Meat is our specialty!

The location and the beautiful modern design of ther resturant create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

The restaurant is located in the Ice Park Mall (Ice-Mall) on the southern plaza on the edge of the amazing lagoon that connects to the King Solomon Promenade.

We offer a varied and rich menu of meats and salads made by the restaurant, along with hot bakes from the taboon.

For those who like to just grab a bite - a pita or a baguette, you can reach the EXPRESS position where you can enjoy tasty Shawarma or Falafel and a selection of quality skewers with a rich and free salad bar.

You are welcome to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and wonderful tastes!

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